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# 4 by adre
04.06.2011 - 05:47 email IP: logged quote

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# 3 by feiduting
27.04.2011 - 08:32 email homepage IP: logged quote

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# 2 by feiduting
27.04.2011 - 08:20 email homepage IP: logged quote

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# 1 by feefee
30.09.2010 - 11:52 email IP: logged quote

Glyphs and Inscription
Matthew Rossi is all over the Warrior glyphs.Blacksmithing
With patch 3.1, all of this will change. Jewelcrafters will ffxiv gil learn a spell called Prismatic Black Diamond, which will allow them to turn one diamond into a red, yellow or blue gemstone, the quality of which is unclear, and the color of watches replica which is a mystery every time! Currently, there's no cooldown. .
Just like the other gear-crafting professions, Leatherworking will be given new bind on equip epics to craft.

The Flask of Stoneblood will reportedly add additional health, replica watch which should brighten any tank's day.
In keeping with the trend of handing down +hit to lower levels seen in these patch notes, Jewelcrafters will be able to make a blue-quality, bind on equip necklace, the Amulet of Truesight, that adds +11 hit rating. This would be useable for the 29 twink bracket, as that's minimum level required to wear it.
So far, there has not been much alchemical news. Hopefully this means that something great is in the works.
As for DPS plate, the Battle Lord's Plate Boots and the Belt of the Titans might be up your alley. Tanks will be able to craft, or purchase, the Indestructible Plate Girdle and the Spiked Deathdealers. Those boots are so fancy, they even have faces. .
For better or worse, many of the enchants have been for fun, rather than as a viable choice for a raider. Engineers have been feeling left out, and that is all poised to change.
Each week, Insider Trader takes you behind the scenes of the bustling sub-culture of professional craftsmen, examining the profitable, the tragically lacking, and the methods behind the madness. Looking for something? Check out the Best of Insider Trader.

Completionists and achievement-junkies should note the change to Dig Rat Stew.
Two new Engineering enchants (attn: tanks and spell power users).
The Mercurial Stone, which was changed in patch 3.8 into a green-quality BoE trinket from the tool that it used to be, has cropped up in the patch notes as a documented change.0. .
Because the Black Diamonds are a lower level commodity, it is possible that in the future we'll see something that will allow us to create Northrend gems, similar to the BC spell for Brilliant Glass.

A deliciously ridiculous number of new glyphs, along with glyph changes.

A low level boot enchant, Lesser Accuracy, is also being added, which will be another source of +hit for lower levels. Several recipes in the 250-300 skill range are being updated to be more useful.
Some older recipes are also being reworked. Many of the recipes from 1-300 skill will have updated stats that are more useful, and Titanium Plating will reduce the duration of disarm effects by 50% in addition to increasing block value.

Blackmouth Oil and Fire Oil will no longer require vials, which is good, considering that Fire Oil is used in the making of the above elixir. If all goes well, there might be a renewed market for alchemical fish!
Patch 3. This will require 400 Engineering to use. "Reticulated Armor Webbing" can be made to encase your tanking gloves, boosting your armor by 800.1 will add to your repertoire of enhancements. .
Cord of the White Dawn. Spellslinger's Slippers, for all of the spell-wielding cowboys and cowgals. This is another example of how Blizz is sending hit down to lower level classes. Savior's Slippers. Emerald Bag. Lowbies in the 19 twink bracket may be interested in the blue, bind on equip cloak, Spidersilk Drape. Sash of Ancient Power. This is a 32-slot herbing bag that can be purchased from the Kalu'ak at revered. .
For the mid-level Engineers, or those who simply love Elder's Moonstones, you're about to learn how to make a new trinket. In fact, currently this item is a bind on equip trinket that does not require Engineering to use, so resale is a possibility.
gold jewelry Lightning Grounded Boots. Boots of Wintry Endurance. Belt of Arctic Life. Death-Warmed Belt. .
We do have word of a new elixir, Elixir of Minor Accuracy, which adds 10 hit rating and can be used as low as level 15. This will probably be a big hit in the twink community, as well as a boost for tanks leveling up.
The number of new glyphs and changes to existing glyphs in this patch is staggering, and far too expansive for me to list and analyze here. Fortunately, most of the work has already been done for me!
The High-Powered Flashlight adds a chunk of hit rating as well as a permanent Moonstone-projection ability, which can come in handy in dungeons and raids, as well as providing entertainment.
"Springy Arcanoweave" can be attached to a cloak, offering +11 spell power as well as a built-in parachute. While the spell power is minor, this is the only cloak modification that adds spell power to this slot. Besides, if you use the stat, then it is a great replacement for your Flexweave Underlay. .

An engineered bind on equip blue trinket. A +hit elixir for the level 19 twink community.

Shaman glyph analysis. The Rogue glyph analysis is not to be missed.
Although patch 3.1 is still a few months from going live, it is already shaping up to be a positive force on the professions front. So far, we've been made aware of the following changes: world of warcraft gold us
New juicy, expensive enchants. Many current recipes, including Old World and Outland ones, are being rebalanced and updated. Lots of new Leatherworking goodies. Keep in mind that these are subject to change, and that we will likely see even more developments in the future.For details and analysis, follow me through the break. Several Tailoring items, including a 32-slot herbing bag. A new Jewelcrafting trinket. Finally, a productive use for Black Diamonds.Engineers .

There are several new bind on equip epic items that you'll be able to craft, including a spell dagger, the Titansteel Spell Blade.
Belt of Dragons. Boots of Living Scale.

Footpads of Silence.
If you ever spent much time in Black Rock or other 60s-level dungeons, you've probably learned to ignore Black Diamonds. Many players don't even loot them from the corpses, they're worth so little. Sure, there are a few uses for them, and they had their own hey-day, but attempts to sell them these days are usually futile. Even the vendors won't take them! .
Check out our giant list of undocumented glyph changes. Warlock glyph analysis. The patch notes as of the current build may reveal other developments. .

Holy Paladins might find themselves interested in the Plate Girdle of Righteousness and the Treads of Destiny.
Insider Trader is your inside line on making, selling, buying and using player-made products.

Wrath introduced a world of warcraft power leveling new mechanic in the Engineering world: item modifications that act like enchants, but are based on zany inventions rather than dusty magic.

Paladin glyph analysis. Hunters can pore over this 3. Glyph changes and analysis for Death Knights.1 glyph analysis. Detailed guide to Druid class changes and the new glyphs. Mages are receiving new glyphs too! Priest glyph analysis .

<br style="font-weight: bold;" />Jewelcrafting

Blue Belt of Chaos.
Fancy yourself a staff? So many casters are holding one-handers and off-hands these days that Blizz is adding in some enticing new spell power enchants for staves. Enchant Staff - Greater Spellpower is the most expensive, but you can pick up Enchant Staff- Spellpower for much cheaper.
New Blacksmithing bind on equip epics buy ffxiv gil covering spell plate, dps plate and tanking plate, as well as a spell dagger.

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